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About Us

Cher's Garden is a family operation located in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Cher Yang is the matriarch and the heart behind our operation.


Gardening started off as a family hobby during the summers and grew into a business when we first started selling at our local farmers markets--in 2012.


At Cher's Garden, we pride ourselves in being skilled gardeners and expert designers. We spend our season growing, harvesting, and creating beautiful arrangements that you’re sure to love and enjoy.


During our off season, we dig and divide our dahlia tubers--2018 is the first year we'll be offering our dahlia stock online.


Nang & Cher


Nangzong and Cher immigrated to the United States in 1991 from Laos--seeking refuge due to the aftermath of the Vietnam War. They moved their family across the United States looking for the best opportunities for their children, eventually settling down in Madison, Wisconsin due to its beautiful weather and people.
They have a lot of experience learning to live off the land and are grateful that they can contribute back to the community.

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The "5 Fingers"

Khamseng, Jennifer, Kathie, Su & Amy

We're Nang & Cher's children. We help out wherever needed--the garden, the market, social media, etc.

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